PHOTOS: Max Houtzager, Amado Stachenfeld, Katsuhide Fujio and Rob Schanz

LOCATION: Niseko, Japan

As the seasons change, one thing stays constant – we must keep moving.

The snow line on Yotei rises and falls and we adapt our movements to meet it. We watch the terrain change form and color, hiding and revealing trees, rocks, ridges, and the like. These perspectives become far clearer and more varied when you power yourself up the mountain, only to fall with the terrain on the way back down.
The climb up Yotei is slow and forces a meditative yet acute awareness of your physical and mental state. The descent then provides elation, a new appreciation for the subtle shapes and curves in the terrain as you sense your place in physical space. Throughout this process, there is a continuous change in vantage point as you move to your and Nature‚Äôs combined accord. All mountains and oceans can provide such an outlet, but Yotei — standing at 1900 meters from atop, below, and inside (the volcanic crater) — does an especially good job.