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Maine is a state of constant change. Its seasons are so strong that the landscape and its inhabitants must adapt again every time they move from one to the next.

Jacques Beriau has found balance at the intersection of the seasons and the land and the sea that meets it. He is a farmer, a surfer, and a science teacher, but all three depend on the others to make it through the year. The pigs he and his wife raise helped them clear the land that became their farm, where the surreal sight of surfboards leaning against an old red barn is both common and comforting.

At Sea Love Farm, the same seasons that shape the state of Maine bind together a way of life that’s aware of its connections to its surroundings. Surf board shaping, organic pork farming, and education all rely on one another in unique ways. The shaping barn would be inaccessible without the help of the pigs, and the school cafeteria sometimes sends home leftovers for the hogs to feast on. And at the end of a day of hard work in the classroom or on the farm, pure creative energy and stoke is poured into Sea Love Surfboards.