VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Circle Rock Ranch, Vashon, Washington

The elements exist in constant cycle. Everything is connected, without one we cannot have any.

We live off the earth, plan rides around the wind, spend nights cooking over the fire, and watch the moon pull the water to and fro.

The greatest cruelty is to forget this. Brandon D’Imperio has not forgotten. He regards his swine with a profound reverence, giving thanks for every moment that they have lived and every morsel that’s made them what they are. Without rain, corn can’t rise from the earth and turn to mash. Without mash, pigs can’t become healthy animals, ready to give themselves to return to what made them. Living on an island in Washington, becoming part of a board shaper or musician, making boards or playing songs; all are parts of the cycle. Nothing lasts forever, but transcendental moments bring us closer than clinging tightly ever will. Conscious of the cycle, there is no waste. When Brandon makes proscuitto, the process creates much more than a portion of a meal. His farming ethos puts food on the table that is greater than the sum of its parts.