VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Vashon, Washington

“Baking and breaking bread at a meal with friends is timeless… What it starts as is so basic. It’s a beautiful transformation.” -Brandon D’Imperio

Brandon, farmer and chef, makes bread from grain to loaf using wild yeast on a regular basis. A common sight at Circle Rock Ranch is people gathered around a table passing around dishes, or crowding around the kitchen to watch the bread come out the oven so they can snag a taste of warm bread. That’s why bread at Circle Rock Ranch epitomizes the intimacy of sharing food.

Yet for Brandon bread serves not only as a symbol of strong community, it’s also one of nature’s magical and complex processes that, when done right, creates a nourishing and quintessential part of a meal. Understanding the balance of ingredients, time, fermentation, and environment that it takes provides a solid foundation for growing vegetables, raising animals, foraging, and of course, cooking.

Of Land and Sea is a series that explores our connection to what surrounds us and what we consume.