VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Circle Rock Ranch, Vashon, Washington

Life is a privilege. Living it, giving it, taking it. As a farmer, Brandon gets to experience all three elements of the privilege of life. For him, farm to table is not just a restaurant buzzword – it’s a way to live and a way to honor the cycle of life.

At Circle Rock Ranch, every aspect of life is respected, nurtured, and controlled. That doesn’t mean he clings tightly, though, for everything has a time and a purpose. But he deeply respects and cares for what’s in front of him. He cooks with the dutiful purpose of someone who reveres their food and every step it took to reach the kitchen. Everything that ends up on the counter came from somewhere else. When we understand what that means, we can experience the privilege of life when we break bread.

Of Land and Sea is a series that explores our connection to what surrounds us and what we consume.