PHOTOS: Max Houtzager

LOCATION: The Clementina, San Francisco

The Clementina was the perfect place to once again gather friends and celebrate bringing the first copies of Early Hues to California.

Our friends Ryan and Kyleigh opened up The Clementina last winter and we had the privilege to collaborate with them on their first public exhibition, Conversation with the Wilderness. Since then, walls have been painted black, Ryan has put in time working at Quince, and he now has everything he needs to put on a feast for twenty plus. And so, it was only fitting that the first iteration of the Clementina Supper Club would be the Early Hues Book Dinner. All we needed to complete Ryan’s menu were miniature cast iron grills for each and every guest.

Ryan is quite particular about his edible flowers, so a trip to the iconic San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers Market the day before the event was in order to track down the more elusive ingredients. Menus were printed on photos cut from the color proofs we brought back from the our visit to watch the printing process take place in Nagano. After aperitifs of a particularly wild rosé made by Eric Wolfinger, everyone sat where they felt most comfortable, at whichever seat had a print which best suited their taste. Some menus featured a Dylan Gordon photo, recipes by Lentine Alexis, poetry by Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, or a vignette from Julie Hotz’s 6 month PCT and PNW trek.

Friends from Path Restaurant in Shibuya and Michel Troisgros in Shinjuku happened to be in San Francisco and joined us for dinner ahead of the upcoming Early Hues Japan events. The attendants gathered around a gorgeous spread that started with crab watercress as some films from the making of the book screened in the background. The short featuring crabbing at Circle Rock Ranch paralleled the meal and drove our consciousness toward the connections between the menu, the stories, and the people that came together to make it happen, guests included. As things progressed from grilled artichokes to ricotta beet ravioli, we switched from Eric’s rosé and Calicraft Kolsch to wine that friends from Scribe were kind enough to bring with them.

As some guests began to journey home from our cozy corner in the Mission, the wine continued to flow as stories were told among the remaining guests. We reflected on the many roads ahead, on the flavors and hues and distances near and far, and reveled in the promise of the unknown.

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The Clementina's own Ryan Brown

Hours of Artichokes

A Wild Wolfinger Rosé pairing well with Scribe

Yuichi Goto from Path reads the menu: Kolhrabi Fennel Salad, Watercress Crab, Beet Ricotta Ravioli, Minuscolo Bar B Que

Eric explains his rosé to Trey from Scribe