After bringing together friends old and new to celebrate the fruit of our efforts, Terasu is excited to announce the fourth and final cover of Early Hues.

With every step we take as a community, we are always growing, changing, incorporating new experiences, and illuminating our peers. This community has no epicenter, but thrives on its range. Across mediums, we are constantly learning from one another, discovering unprecedented means of connection — with each other, with ourselves, and with the environment we share. As each color in the sunrise embraces its neighboring hues, joining a brilliant and cohesive gradient where no single tone can be separated from another, so too may we participate in the reciprocal exchange of passions that define our community, allowing us to look beyond our individual stories and become part of something greater. Early Hues is the culmination of these experiences, distinct narratives bound by their common humanity and their mutual desire to live life with cognisance of what’s really there. Because of you, our community, copies of the book’s first three editions have sold out in the United States and Japan; and because this community is always growing, we announce the printing of a final edition for those of you who have not yet experienced Early Hues. We always find meaning in your stories. We hope you find meaning in ours.

Purchase the book here. Music: Motel Reflections by Pro Teens

Tenkara 10' in Tofino B.C.

Katy Cole of Garden House Crafts in Tokyo

Early Hues Book Dinner at The Clementina

Book Signing at Sawyer Supply, Santa Cruz

Prooflab Station Book Signing

LA Alchemy Works Book Signing