Clovis and Antoine in Biarritz

PHOTOS: César Ancelle-Hansen

Salt, surf, sea: that’s what often pops to mind when you hear about Biarritz. Yet, set on the coast of the Basque country, the birthplace of French surfing 60 years ago has a strong culture.

Biarritz attracts those who want a taste of the Basque way of life. Of course, that means there is an abundance of restaurants and bars.

Yet among the sea of bars, one of the most famous places is L’Artnoa. It’s a space that is designed like an art showroom, where they house fine wines and works of art together. Antoine Vignac, the young owner, is one of those people everyone seems to know because of his extensive general knowledge and kindness. Last year, he hired Clovis Donizetti: a local legend and one of the best classic longboarders in the world. They jive well together, and it’s funny to see them working in wine one hour, and sharing a wave on a lunch break the next. I followed them for several days to try and capture something about this special collaboration, and the atmosphere of Biarritz – a place which is defined by the sea.