Ben Weiland | Arctic Surf

PHOTOS: Ben Weiland

LOCATION: Undisclosed Arctic Spots

Ben Weiland is drawn to the places that usually repel those that have grown accustomed to the comforts of our own cosy home.

Ben ventures north, to the remote and unexamined waves in the most unexpected places. His past adventures have included Antarctica, Russia, Norway, and what completes these travels is that he is always in good company: frequent companions are Chris Burkard and Dane Gudauskas. Ben makes us reconsider what we call adventure and ‘the road not taken’, inspiring us to simply get out there and take exploration to new heights.

You’ve decided to focus on surfing with Arctic Surf, but what are your other passions?
Surfing is definitely my main activity, but I also like hiking, camping, skiing… it’s great to be outside.

Why do you think surfing often comes hand in hand with creative pursuits such as photography and design?
I think it’s because design and photography are ways to share the incredible experiences of being in the outdoors. I want other people to know what it is like to be a surfer and want them to feel excited about it also.

What are some things you’ve learnt from going to remote places?
One thing I am still learning is that it’s always worth going the extra mile, putting in the extra effort to accomplish a goal. This is especially true in cold, rugged places. It takes additional motivation to achieve something, whether its getting up before sunrise, or hike a few miles further to find a new location. There are so many factors that try to keep you inside, but I’ve found that the extra effort is always worth it in the end.

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