Artisanal Lifestyle | Anna Ehrgott

VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Topanga, California

Anna Ehrgott’s open schedule, dictated by swell, sunshine and search for inspiration, leaves plenty of room to welcome all sorts of adventure into her life.

She has this genuine, pleasant vibe, and is so approachable that you feel like you’re friends the second time you meet (and I don’t mean friends as defined by Facebook, I mean someone that you want to hit up for any adventure). She’s the one you can count on to bring a box of tangerines to share for the trip.

We’re lucky to have got to know her at our Soirées. Her vegan pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins were a hit at our latest gathering, though she quickly threw it together after hours of being in the sea. And her travel stories entertained us, like when she survived off a bag of oranges on a trip to France because she forgot her credit card.

It was on another one of her trips, but this time through the Northwest, that sparked her to leave her local surf shop to pursue something that had more meaning: a way to do what she loves and be uncompromising in her environmental values.

Her board bags have caught quite a lot of attention lately. She turns materials that would otherwise go to waste into beautiful, lasting companions for all kinds of trips. She has an aura of content and satisfaction, that seems like she has been happy even before her Sagebrush bags started to kick off.