Illuminating the everyday of a worldly community of creatives, or more specifically, those who can’t be defined by a single label, Terasu puts (self-)sustainability, diverse passions, and above all, truth at the heart of an artisanal lifestyle.

照らす【te-rä-sū】 : to illuminate
Terasu – a cultural cornerstone for surf, bike, and snow; for creative expression, gastronomy, and well-being; for those who seek wherever it may be found.


Max Houtzager

Creative Director

Max has his Marin roots to thank for his immersion in mountain biking and photography growing up. After one too many injuries, he decided to to stray off the professional racing path and explore another passion: surfing. A snowboard trip to Hokkaido sparked his interest in Japanese language, culture and food, which in turn led to a stint working in Japan. Max is now combining all of his passions into Terasu.

Amado Stachenfeld

Video Content Director

Amado is always navigating between cities and outside: in the water gliding down the line at one of California’s numerous perfect points, fly-fishing, and occasionally still sending it on his bike. He is the epitome of someone who does what he loves for a living, and the way he channels that through his lens makes us want to drop everything and jump in his truck for his next adventure.

Carina Fushimi


Carina lives between Tokyo and California. She loves experimenting with film photography, hiking and gets nerdy about the political economy of food.

Nathan Falk


Nate gets his thrill from searching for waves at home in Norcal, climbing, backpacking and skiing. He’s always rounding people up and planning for the next adventure while sharing his passion for surfing and the outdoors. Having lived in Brazil, he lives for new experiences and treasures a sense of community.

Joe Chafkin

Managing Editor

John Montesi

Deputy Editor

Kaz Fushimi

Japan Operations